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Hello and thank you for visiting timotravels.eu a brand new photo website. My name is Timo Bergenhenegouwen and I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with my lovely wife, two cats and a couple of cameras. In order to respect their privacy, there won’t be any pictures of the cats on this website, though my wife might appear in a shot or two. 


My career as a hobby photographer started in the early eighties with a Kodak disc 4000, which was a small, easy to use and handy camera, but the quality of pictures was not that good. When my father bought himself a new camera, he gave me his wonderful Olympus-35 LC rangefinder camera. Little did I know back then that almost 35 years later the rangefinder camera would still be my preferred tool for taking photos. 


I wasn’t very fanatic about it all in those days, but I did like the process and the gear: in those years, the Olympus was accompanied by a Konica MR640 and a Ricoh GR1. Photography, as a more serious hobby, started when I moved to Amsterdam. I bought an Olympus OM4ti, an OM1 and a few lenses and started participating in photography courses and was bitten by the bug. By that time, I had also become a keen traveller, which matched very well with photography; I enjoyed making my own souvenirs. 


Back in those film days, I played with some very nice cameras, like the Olympus is-3000ED, the Minolta Dynax 9xi, The Contax G1 and even medium format cameras, the Hasselblad 500 and the Rolleiflex 3.5F. But the cameras that finally replaced my Olympus OM setup as my main cameras of choice were a Leica M5, a Leica MP and a Voigtländer T, together with a mix of some very good lenses by Leica, Zeiss and Voigtländer. I found the simplicity and relative compactness of the cameras, combined with high quality lenses to be ideal for me. 


And now, after entering the digital age a few years ago, I am the proud (if somewhat snobby) owner of a Leica ME (type 220) and a Leica Monochrome (mark 1) as my main cameras of use, together with an Olympus OMD10 and an Olympus EPM1. The Leicas are very basic, but the lack of overcomplicated menus and excessive functions works very well for me: no distractions to the creative process! When I go out with my Monochrome, I can focus on black & white and that helps me get satisfying results. With my pictures, I hope to catch the atmosphere of the places I have visited. Please take your time and don't hesitate to contact me for tips or suggestions,  enjoy the gallery! 

Timo Bergenhenegouwen